Undoubtedly, portable band saw is highly preferred machine by great number of woodworkers who work in different geographic locations under varying situations. Therefore, we can confidently say it is an essential cutting appliance that any blacksmith or a woodworker must possess.

As the name suggests, the most admirable aspect of this device is the great flexibility it offers as one uses it. Probably, this is attributed to its ever-rising demand in the both local and international markets. For instance, sometimes you may get a contract in a location that is far from your workshop; that’s where the portability aspect of the bandsaws is crucial and come in handy.

Since there are myriad types of portable band saws in the market, selecting one from this pool is not like taking a walk in the park.
There are some vital considerations you must make and doing so sometimes might be time-consuming. The primary factors impacting on the choices you make comprise of the specifications, cost and weight. When going through our portable band saw reviews, you may want to compare different specs, pros and cons and other aspects of each portable band saw to choose the best portable band saw that would meet your needs.

The satisfaction you yield from your portable band saw will entirely depend on choices you make. As such, don’t make reckless and uninformed choices. Luckily, we reviewed all the best portable band saws for 2019 that will direct you in your selection. Take a peek here.

DeWalt DWM120k 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Band Saw.

This is so far the best portable bandsaw you can currently find in most marketplaces. It features a variety of top-notch qualities that has enabled it claim our top position in our list. DWM120k is among the best band saws to choose if you want a cutting device that is effortless and quick to use. It comes with a stable holder for comfortability as you cut.

a) Powerful Motor.
Regardless of how difficult your job is, a 10Amp motor-powered DWM120k will get it done. Besides, its cutting speed is modifiable contingent on the task you carrying out, with its adjustable speed ranging from 100sfm-350msf.

b) Convenience.
One feature that makes people admire DWM120K is the fact that you can use it even in the darkest spaces thanks to its LED light. The light enables you to illuminate the part you want to cut. Besides, it comes with a user manual that shows the user how to cut diverse types of materials. The bandsaw is fitted with a hanging hook, so you don’t have to put it down but just hung it on.

c) Improved Blade Lifespan.
Durability is another feature that makes DWM120k ridiculously amazing. It has lengthy lifespan thanks to the double bearing cutting edge roller which offers great sustenance to the edge.

d) Ergonometric Properties.
It comes with a variable multi-position holder that provides tight hold, hence safe to use.

DeWalt DCS371B 20V MAX-Lithium-Ion Band Saw.

If you need the best portable band saw that is not only versatile but able to accomplish multiple tasks, then DCS371B MAX have you covered. This powerful cutting machine can cut both wood and metal thanks to numerous fantastic properties attributed to the bandsaw.

a) Cutting Ability.
Just imagine what you can do with a bandsaw machine with v20? Well, this band saw can cut metal, brass, wood, and plastic comfortably. You can work with this portable band saw without getting tired easily since it is designed with a centered holder that also provides a grip touch.

b) Blade Tracing.
Whenever you are planning to go shopping for best portable band saws, the blading tracking mechanism should be the priority thing to consider. The rationale is that the blade mechanism determines the lifetime of your tool. Is it adjustable? If it is check, then consider that and proceed to the next feature. For DEWALTDC371B, that is what it offers you.

c) Convenience.
Do you work in dark stations? Well, DCS371B comes equipped with LED light. It illuminates the entire space so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.
The bandsaw is fitted with a hanging hook, so no pressure to put it down but just hung it when not using it.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12- Mobile Bandsaw Kit.

Sometimes it is not easy to cut metals, and that is where this weightless band saw comes in to offer an excellent experience while cutting metals. This is amongst the lightest mobile band saws you can get in 2019. It has a weight of 6.7 pounds.

a) Extended Battery Life.
When the 12V battery is fully charged, Milwaukee can make more than 150 cuts.

b) Convenience.
The beauty of Milwaukee is it is fitted with LED light; therefore, you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself or making wrong cut when working in dark rooms.

c) The Motor and Its Power.
The Milwaukee is capable of cutting through three quarters of the material in less than four seconds thanks to its robust motor. It has a cut capacity is 1-5/8 and creates minimal vibrations, the reason it is perfect for cutting materials with small dimensions.

d) Ergonometric Design.
Along with lightness, Milwaukee is designed to offer a firm grip when using it. Besides, the blade is covered on exterior working part with multi-latching lower protector. Besides, it uses a changeable blade tracing mechanism, and you can be guaranteed a long lifespan for your machine.

DeWalt DCS374B 20V-Max Deep Cut.

Getting the best portable bandsaw which is dependable and adaptable is not always an easy thing. We commend DCS374B for you in 2019. The cutting machine is powered by 20 volts battery, and can be used to accomplish multiple jobs in different fields since it is fitted with amazing elements.

a) LED Light.
If you usually work in poorly lit conditions, this is the best portable band saw to select. It is equipped with LED light which is mounted slightly directly on the blade. The light is switched on when you squeeze the start button and goes off when you lessen the grip on it. As long as you keep the start button pressed, the light always stays on.

b) Suitability.
The DCS374B is effortless to utilize. It is designed with a hanging knob that enables you to suspend your machine on the neck when you pose using it. It also protects the forward-facing holder of your bandsaw edge from constant wear due to friction.

c) Cutting Capability.
The band saw appliance offers you 4.7-inch cutting capability for the squire and also rounded block and 5-inch cutting capability for rectangular blocks.

d) Its Motor Power.
Power is what sets the cutting machine apart from the other portable band saws. It is driven by 20V battery and it is also fitted with a long-lasting brush-motor.

Milwaukee 6232 — Deep Cut Saw.

If you are searching for the best porta band saw to provide you with different cutting capabilities, then look no further. The Milwaukee 6232-21 is ridiculously best portable band saw to meet your needs. It has astonishing features, that’s why it managed a top position in our ten top best portable band reviews in 2019.

a) The Design.
The cutting machine has a strong and compact design that you will like it when you see it. It is quite effortless to use thanks to its weightless material used to make it. In fact, don’t have to use both hands while working with Milwaukee 6232. Its handle is quite stable, and you can hold it comfortably with great control, a feature credited to its balanced body design.
Due to its resistance and protective properties, the bandsaw can be used in even in the toughest settings.

b) LED Light.
To avoid accidents and ensure accuracy in your undertaking, Milwaukee 6232-21 is mounted with LED light.

c) Powerful Motor.
Armed with 11Amp, undoubtedly, this tool is a super effective machine. Its motor is designed from Continuous Power Technology which controls the bandsaw speed hence ensuring optimum efficiency.

Makita XBP02Z LXT Lithium — Ion Bandsaw.

This is the best portable band saw we recommend for metalworkers and woodworkers if carrying out large tasks. Makita XBP02Z is the most preferred machine for manufacturing and building activities. It is used to cut conduits and strong rails thanks to its amazing robust components.

a) Adjustable Speed Control.
Depending on what you want to cut, Makita XBP02Z allows for speed governor for your saw. It comes with the 6-setting adjustable speed regulator tool which allows for speed control whether cutting wood or hard metal.

b) Maximum Gearing.
The gearing in the bandsaw makes it a top choice for most users. Imagine a bandsaw with a working speed rate of between 280-530 in sixty seconds? This tool is, without a doubt, a big deal. Literally, this industrious cutting machine can cut via all materials effortlessly.

c) Sturdy.
It features a bumper that keeps it protected, therefore prolonging its lifespan.

d) Blade Capability.
The 4.7 inch cutting edge capability is what every woodworker or metalworker will like to have. The 44-7/8-inch edge cutting machine is able to go via any material.

Milwaukee 6238-20 AC/DC Deep Cut Saw.

If you handle large tasks, you need this high-performance portable band saw which can complete your job quickly and effortlessly. This is where Milwaukee 6238 comes in. The cutting capability of this machine is ridiculously high; the reason it’s recommended for heavy work. Its properties include;

a) Durability.
Milwaukee 6238 uses Job Position Armor know-how that utilizes fused elements for rugged zones. It also features composite steel-direct drive that doesn’t require regular upkeep. This further boosts its durability.

b) Usability.
Besides being an outstanding and quite powerful cutting machine, it is ridiculously easy to handle. Its size is pretty well-adjusted, a feature that gives it stability. With a weight of 14 pounds, the user can control it effortlessly when cutting a material. In addition, to avoid wear and tear of the handle, the bandsaw is mounted with a hanging hook that you hung your saw on when not using it.

c) Convenience.
To offer you accuracy when cutting, Milwaukee 6238 is fitted with a thin motor cover that enhances visibility when working. Don’t worry if you usually toil in poorly-lit environments; this tool is fitted with LED light for maximum visibility.

d) Cutting Capacity.
When you are more interested in the cutting capacity than the other features, then this is the best portable band saw for you to pick. The tool is designed with five by five-inch cutting capacity that proofs quite effective in cutting different materials. The 11Amp power of the device gives the tenacity needed for tougher tasks. The blade speed is also contingent on the settings you want to work on.

Bosch Bare-tool BSH180B — Volt Lithium — Ion.

We cannot emphasize more on portable bandsaw reviews of this magnificent tool. When you hold it, you will know this is the machine you are looking for. It is the lightest saw we have ever come across. Other excellent features of Bosch Bare-Band Saw include;

a) Usability.
It is lighter and compacted compared to the other deep cut saws. It is designed for use in one-handed operations in constricted spaces.

b) LED Light.
You don’t have to worry if you normally work in the evenings or at night. Bosch 18V is fitted with LED light which will illuminate your space you are working in. This makes sure you stay safe from accidentally hurting yourself, and you perform your task perfectly.

c) Cutting Capability.
Many plumbers and electricians prefer this machine since it is designed with an average cutting capability of 2.5 by 2.5-inches. Its flexible power system allows you to select from slim or thick pack battery.

d) Durability
To enhance sturdiness, the base of the Bosch 18V is made with rugged aluminum.


The selection of the best portable band saw should be done based on what you need to achieve and priorities. Hopefully, these porta band saw reviews will help you compare different features and make an informed decision.

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