An Extensive Review of the Best Eye Massagers Massage is generally useful for the whole human body. If you make a massage action in the eye area, then fatigue will be decreased, brain activity improved, insomnia will disappear, and you will also get a cosmetic effect, for example, dark circles and bags under the eyes will go. This result can be achieved without the use of drugs, but only using massagers for eyes. Doctors recommend using them for cosmetic and wellness purposes. These devices will suit schoolchildren, students, people who spend a lot of time on the computer, etc. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best eye massagers which we want to present to you.

Breo iSee4 Review

This model was created by American scientists, and it affects the acupuncture points of the area around the eyes. Breo iSee4 has three vibration frequencies for different muscle relaxation modes, and they can be set in manual mode. There are several types of massages. Acupuncture will relieve lower eyelid edema, and the Warm Compress function will help ease muscle spasms, relieve pain, and improve circulation. There is a mode in which accurate regular pressure of airbags on the eyes is used. It helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. The microcomputer that controls the massager still has an algorithm that effectively eliminates eye fatigue. The glasses are equipped with a micromotor, which has a continuous acupuncture effect according to the selected mode. Breo eye massager is intended for:
  • Students who have false myopia, which may happen because of the strain of the eyeballs during the study.
  • People who are suffering from insomnia, headache, neuralgia, and pain in the eyes.
  • People who have presbyopia.
  • People who are working in a field related to computers.
  • All those who do not want to have dark circles in the eye area.
Among the contraindications of this massager can be noted burns, injuries, inflammatory diseases of the eye, surgery, glaucoma, and cataracts. For maximum results, you need to use a massager for 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Breo iSee4 is very compact and convenient to use. The under eye massager device runs on batteries. In the process of working with it, you will be able to choose the desired intensity mode.

Breo iSee 3s Review

Breo iSee 3s massage glasses are equipped with functions of acupuncture and magnetic massage, which in a short time will relieve you of fatigue and tension in the area around the eyes, improve visual functions, eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes, and smooth out wrinkles. Regular massage with the Breo iSee 3s device will relieve pain syndromes and tension, stop the deterioration of vision, make the skin around the eyes elastic and radiant. The device is very compact and convenient to use because its shape perfectly follows the contours and curves of the face. The massage fingers are made of hypoallergenic silicone, and they gently affect the periorbital area. Contraindications to the use of the device:
  • Acute infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Glaucoma, cataracts, and other serious eye diseases;
  • Diseases related to skin;
  • Severe chronic diseases;
  • Neurological diseases.

Foreo Iris Review

The third eye massager review is about Foreo Iris. With the help of this electric eye massager, you can easily get rid of the effects of aging skin in the eye area. The effect of roller massage, electroporation, and vibration will relieve spasm of mimic wrinkles, moisturize the skin, help eliminate dark circles and swelling around the eyes, and will improve blood flow. As is well known, wrinkles around the eyes are somewhat difficult to correct, since this area needs more delicate and gentle care. And you can get rid of these signs by applying a complex solution, which is Foreo eye massager. The main advantages of the device are:
  • The electroporation function ensures good penetration of cosmetics into all layers of the skin. This function removes metabolic products and toxins. Regular use of this device significantly improves elasticity and skin tone, smoothes wrinkles, and regulates the level of tissue moisture.
  • The vibration function stimulates the blood flow to the skin, relieves muscle spasm, and helps to eliminate stagnant fluid. This vibrating massage perfectly tones the skin and also improves the function of the capillaries, which provides rejuvenation and overall improvement of the skin in the eye area.
  • The function of the roller massage is made by a special device, gently massaging the skin, launching metabolic processes, and improving its appearance.
In some cases, the use of this device is not recommended: cancer, thrombophlebitis, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, pregnancy.

Panasonic EH-SW51-P Review

Another handy eye gadget is Panasonic eye massager. It gently and beneficially affects the delicate areas of the skin that require sensitive treatment. The device can reduce wrinkles, improve the general condition, and restore skin tone in the eye area. Three techniques of massager exposure contribute to deep penetration into the skin layers of various lotions, creams, and other cosmetics. The advantages of this vibrating eye massager are:
  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • Affects the area around the eyes with three different cosmetology techniques;
  • Fast obtaining of the expected result.
Thanks to the massager that works absolutely painlessly, you can soon notice a decrease in the depth and number of wrinkles, restoration of skin tone and its rejuvenation, elimination of signs of stress and edema, and improvement in the overall condition of the skin. You can see the effective results after the first session.

Kendal Head and Eye Massager

This massager is an effective remedy for eliminating edema, circles, and wrinkles around the eyes. In addition, it also helps to reduce eye fatigue and even headache and toothache. This eye and temple massager is a multifunctional professional massager with a built-in mp3 player, and five types of massage. It is perfect for home use in the circle of your family, and medical institutions as a physiotherapeutic device for relaxation, treatment, and prevention of different diseases. Already after a few minutes of massage fatigue is removed, and you will feel light in the eyes. In addition to the stylish design, this device is distinguished by simplicity and ease of use. Regardless of the features of the structure of the face, everyone will feel comfortable, and the effect will always be complete in any part of the eye area. The intensity of all the above types of effects can be selected using the button located on the front side of the device. There are 3 modes: sleep (the easiest massage), standard (medium intensity), and hard (the most powerful massage). The main advantages of this device:
  • Speedy effect! A session lasting just a couple of minutes will help you get rid of the edema, bags, circles under the eyes, and also eliminate pain.
  • Ease of maintenance and operation.
Head and eye massager is used when:
  • Severe fatigue occurs due to prolonged driving;
  • High body temperature and headache are felt;
  • Toothache;
  • Eye fatigue is felt after working on a computer or extended reading.
The device is very high quality, which guarantees its stable and reliable operation. However, working with this device is not always appropriate. Although head eye massager very carefully performs its function, in some cases it is not recommended to use this mask:
  • Inflammation of the eyeballs;
  • Recently performed eye surgery;
  • Retinal detachment;
  • Increased intraocular pressure.


Eye massager machine should be selected based on design, functionality, and personal preferences:
  • The size. Many models have a universal size so that both adults and children can use them. It is also reasonable to pay your attention to the wireless eye massager.
  • Appearance. Stylish products can be much more expensive than simple ones, while their functionality will not differ. If the product is purchased as a gift, then the original gadget with beautiful appearance will be useful.
  • Programs. Massager glasses vary in functionality. The number of applications can be from 2 to 10. These include magnetic, thermal, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, thermal, and other effects. The result of magnetic thermal massage will be the enrichment of the skin with oxygen, improving the elasticity of the capillaries and cellular metabolism. Just google “eye massager Amazon” and choose one there as it is a reliable reseller.
  • The quality of the product. The price depends on the quality of gadgets. However, it does not mean that you need to buy the most expensive product. You need to look at the manufacturer and reviews of a massager.
Now you can perform wellness sessions for your eyes at home without spending money at beauty salons. After all, everyone knows that the eyes are a very vulnerable organ, and the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and tender. Various environmental factors hurt it, leaving numerous edemas, wrinkles, and dark circles. Taking care of the skin around the eyes and proper care for it will help to prevent premature wilting and preserve its beauty. For the prevention of myopia, massage glasses will be an excellent tool. In some cases, patients were even able to improve their vision.
Top 5 Best Eye Massagers in 2020

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