How to write a college essay

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College essay is a final step for every young person who decided to walk further and confident. Actually it can be the first time when a man should remember, analyze and write about all his achievements, dreams and aims. And don’t forget – only on one tiny page. How to do this? How to write essay and mention the facts that have happened during all life? Who to ask for help to write my essay? Here are some simple tips which can help to do this easily.

#1 Write a plan

First, make a random list of you good sides. Try to remember traits that can describe your personality fully, mention all your achievements that can show your character, even bad experience can help you. Then write a plan – it will help you to make a structured essay. Essay should have three parts: introduction (one paragraph that introduces your essay), body (several paragraphs explaining the main idea with examples) and conclusion (one paragraph that summarizes and ends the essay). Of course, you can ask someone: write my essay for me, please! But still you need to give them a developed plan. 

#2 Be unique

You need to understand that college office receive hundreds or even thousands essays every day. They read many typical and similar to each other essays and only some of them should be very unusual to be noticed. That’s why when you sit to write essay you need to think what makes you different from other thousands applicants, how you can prove it and where to find essay help. 

#3 Be yourself

There is a constant rule: my essay should be my own voice. Remember that essay is practically a face, that’s why don’t be tempted to write what you think but not what the admission officers want to hear. When I ask someone to write my essay for me, I need to remember that people who will read it want to know how my mind works, how I view the world and provides perspective. So, if you have never had some earth shattering experience that rocked your world, don’t pretend you did. 

#4 Ask for a help

Don’t hesitate to ask other people to read your paper, especially those ones who have already done your path. One experienced teacher advised applicants to ask their friends to write essay, then read what they were writing about and don’t write the same. Of course for someone this task can be very difficult, not all can express his thoughts on a paper, someone need essay help. It’s not a problem either. You can find a help on websites like that specialized on such work and can collect information about you and help to make a tasty story from it. So, don’t ask: who will write my essay, you have already known it! 

#5 Be specific

Remember that you have only one page to tell the world who you are. Write about what matters to you, not what matters to them. Your application will tell about your grades but here you have the space for your personal traits and achievements, it’s just another piece of the larger puzzle. So, be very concrete when you write essay, give many examples that can describe who you are and what you deserve.

And last but not the least: be risky! Only those who are not afraid to risk – win! Be one of them! Hope, this tips will be useful and you can say: I know how to write my essay. 

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