How to Write a Narrative Essay Introduction

Narrative Essay Introduction

Writing a narrative essay is a good way to show your creativity. If you have a fertile imagination and advanced writing skills, you will not find it difficult to express your thoughts on paper. But the question is how to start your engaging story by the most effective way. The essay introduction should be captivating enough to grab your readers’ attention with the first statement.¬†

Start preparing your narrative essay with brainstorming. Depending on the kind of story you want to tell (either it is based on your own experience or a fictional one), try to come up with as many ideas as you can. What about interviewing your friends? Or, maybe, you should find your child’s picture and use it for an intro. Once the brainstorming is over, you have to select the most relevant option. 

Let’s look at some effective techniques you may start your narrative essay with. 

1. Begin with a question.

The question should be related to the topic of your essay. What exactly would you like to ask your readers? It goes without saying that you have to smoothly colligate the question and the chain of the following events. Be sure to think these things over in advance. This technique is considered to be quite effective, as your readers are getting actively involved in the narrative. 

2. Tell a joke or an anecdote.

If you want to tell a funny story, you may obviously start it with a joke. –°onsequently, your audience will get a clue that subsequent events will also be comical ones. Besides, you will boost their spirits. But be careful. Different people have a different sense of humor. While you find something funny, for others it may sound stupid. So read the joke to your friends. Did they laugh? Fine. Then you can use it. 

3. Quote a classic.

Find a bright and pertinent quote from a famous scientist or actor. You can also use the aphorism, but make sure that it is not abstruse. If it contains too many ink-horn terms, then forget about it. Where can you look for quotes or sayings? Well, it is good if you have already known one. But another option is to search for interesting quotes on the Internet. There are plenty of them. 

4. Start with a dialog.

Try to recall your conversation with a friend or a father. Of course, no one is forcing you to write word-for-word what each of you has said. It is almost impossible to remember. Refresh in your memory emotions caused by these words. This technique is often used in many essays! The dialog should be written in a vigorous style, not in a pedantic one. The words should sound natural. 

5. Describe characters or emotions. 

If you write an essay about your childhood, you can begin with a description of your favorite dog. Also, you can use sensory details. They always work perfectly. For example, you can start describing the taste of the strawberries. You can bring a call to memory how sweet and fragrant they seemed for you when you were a kid. The readers cannot help but appeal to their own experience. Did they feel the same way?

Your introduction paragraph should not be long. As a rule, it should not exceed 10 sentences. Your readers do not have to get bored with your introduction. Conversely, they must be so excited with your intro that they simply won’t be able to resist the temptation to finish it in one sitting. 

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