How to Write a Research Paper Overnight

Writing a research paper the night before the deadline is not the greatest idea. A research paper is already quite a stressful assignment for a lot of students. Doing it overnight is even harder. Still, it is possible. So, what to do first if the submitting date is tomorrow, but you have nothing written yet?

You have two options to choose from – either to purchase research papers online or to try to do everything by yourself, at least some part of it. The choice is up to you. But here’s what you have to know if you decide to write a paper without someone else’s assistance.

How to Write a Research Paper in Less than 12 Hours

As we have already mentioned above, a research paper is a stressful assignment. So, first of all, don’t panic. You don’t need to be even more stressed than you are.

Secondly, gather all the materials you already have on the given topic and think how they can help you in the writing process. Take everything from your lecture notes to books, scientific articles, to online sources, of course.

When writing a research paper overnight, the Internet becomes your main source to find the required info on the topic. So, be ready to search for the scientific websites and online library platforms. You don’t have to go to a library to find a book in the 21st century. Of course, not all books have their online versions. But you can easily find some kind of academic info online to use it in your research paper or essay.

Now, when the info is ready, you can start writing. There are some rules of the fast, but at the same time productive writing process. So, what to do first?

  • Clarify what you have to do. Read your topic and the requirements for a couple of times before doing any research or writing work.
  • Then, start with the basics. Write down a plan. You still need to write a research paper plan even if you have a night instead of a week or two for the whole research process. So, create a brief plan. You have to understand the clear structure of your future work. The structure is very simple – an introduction, a discussion part, and a conclusion.
  • Write step-by-step. Many online sources recommend writing in the way, which is most comfortable for you. For example, you can write an introduction at the end of the writing process. But this doesn’t really work if you have a few hours for the whole paper. So, start with the introduction and follow it with the research, results, etc.
  • Do a brief research, supporting it with the research that was conducted earlier. The more info you find on the given topic, the better. You don’t have enough time to do a qualitative research. So, find the research on your topic, which was already done before by the scientists. Analyze and support it with your own thoughts and ideas.
  • Don’t try to finish the paper in three-four hours only, without doing a break. Divide your task into several equal parts. Give yourself small breaks. Don’t rush. Writing the whole paper in one sitting is not effective.
  • Add citations. If you feel like you’ve already written everything but there are a few pages left, add citations. Appropriate citations will increase the volume of the paper. But make sure that your work doesn’t contain more citations than your own thoughts and ideas.

Use these recommendations to create a fast, but qualitative paper overnight. And remember, it is better not to wait till the last minute before the deadline.

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