Choosing a Wine Refrigerator

Tastes differ. Some people spend half of their salaries on travels; the others prefer brand-new trendy clothes.There is some percent of people, who cannot live without good food or delicious wine. And there are those who have a feeling of intimidation by wine, because of knowing nothing about it and still having to make a choice.They walk into the store and get confronted by all of those bottles. And suddenly they don’t know what they want.This is a common thing for a lot of us. Why should you feel bad if you don’t know so much about wine?

Actually, choosing the right wine is not a big problem.The problem is to store it correctly (we will come back to this question later).Wine is a very personal thing. Its taste is very subjective to everyone.To choose the wine you could really enjoy is an easy thing.It is based on the flavors that you love.

For example, for all who love sugar, we recommend Muscat or sweet Riesling to mask the bitterness in the drink. For those who love espresso, we can recommend trying something like oaked Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon to taste the fullness of all flavors. For those latte lovers, we have Sauvignon Blanc to avoid intense flavors. And what about those who adore lemons? They’re probably looking for smooth, fruity, and low in alcohol drinks like New World Merlot. For the people whose guilty pleasure is creme brulee, we advise looking for something well-balanced, but extravagant with a sensitive palette at the same time. For example, Pinot Blanc will be a great choice. Or maybe aged Rioja. And last but not least, for those who are fans of dark chocolate we have Malbec and Grenache with big, intense flavors.

And how do people actually fall in love with this sophisticated drink without dividing it into less or more favorite sorts?

It happens out of sudden at some vine fest or an exhibition where they suddenly realize that red vine is not just a beverage.They get stunned by various tastes and scents, searching for more amazing sorts.The main rule here is not to be afraid to try something different.Being adventurous is very important when discovering new horizons of wine tastes.

Then, they start searching for information, they read books and magazines about wine. But that is not the whole answer. It is like trying to learn about baseball watching a videotape only. That is not going to work.The same is with wine.It is not necessary to know everything about wine to enjoy it. Indeed, you have to try different sorts of wine to understand it.The more sorts you taste, the more you appreciate it.

So, soon those people start keeping a few bottles of this elite drink. However, wine vault is a very rare thing in modern apartments and houses. And we all know that wine should be kept 55 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise it gets spoiled and turn into a sour liquid. You need some kind of wine refrigerator or something like that with appropriate temperature and light. So, what can you do to store wine bottles at home to get the pleasure out of them later?

What to do?

In case you don’t have a natural basement to store your wine and keep it cool, there is a way out. One should look for the best wine coolers. Such aggregates fit any kitchen and are ideal places for keeping wine there 24\7.

A special wine cooler provides a temperature that’s adjustable.Thus, you will be able not only to put the wine at the best storage temperature but also at the best serving temperature. And that is great. When you have a huge company of friends in your house, everything you have to take care of is setting the right temperature.That is contrary to a situation when you have to store wine bottles in a regular refrigerator and have to take them out a few hours before your guests come. That is extremely uncomfortable.

At the same time, it is not allowed to store wine in some different ways. Why? What happens when the wine is exposed to heat is that the wine actually turns to vinegar, losing everything we love it for. This is probably not what you want. Wine refrigeration is something most us, especially those who live in hot regions, need to have to store wine for special occasions. Remember, if you live in California it is always too warm there to keep wine out in your apartment. Wine can be easily hurt by sun and temperature.The only wine bottle you can keep on your kitchen counter is the one you are going to drink during the next couple of days. That is okay. In all other situations, your wine requires proper temperatures and light to not get baked and become bad.The best wine fridge is something we’re talking about.

Those coolersare exactly what you need. They never take much place or energy. Average wine refrigerator sets up ideal circumscription only basements or cellars. The coolers are slightly lower and warmer than an average refrigerator. And their temperature range is ideally set around 55 degrees.This exactly that temperature at which everything in wine starts to age at a consistent level. Finding that best fridge means preventing the quality of the drink being slowly broken down.This is a disaster even for the cheapest wine as it can lose its textural sensation of bitterness, thickness, flavor, freshness, and minerality. No one wants to get musty, gross smell in their drink, especially when the bottle is extremely expensive.

There are various refrigerator reviews and models for any taste and budget on the market. One can find them online or offline. Check out wine refrigerator reviews and think of a few important things before purchasing.

Every wine cooler differs in size, options, climate zone, services, and warranty. Today, we’re going to compare those basic characteristics to find out what type of refrigeratoris suitable for bigger and smaller spaces, warmer and colder regions, and so on.To get the most out of those cooler reviews, you have to take into account every characteristic and feature.

So, let’s get started.


Our comparison guide consists of several wine refrigerator reviews, which point out the main features of the best wine fridge.There are a lot of other minor characteristics, which are less important. That’s why we have included them in one small paragraph of additional options the best wine refrigerator provides.

To select the best wine fridge, start with a size. But how to choose the right measurements?

To pick up the right size of a wine cooler, one should ask himself how many bottles they need to store there. Today a collection might count about twenty wine sorts. Although, if their amount will keep growing, a larger model is needed. The most commonly purchased model is an under counter unit.

Think which room is best for the wine refrigerator. There hardly will be an ability to move it often. Check spare place, take measures and find the best wine fridge to fit both the interior and design.

What you really should consider first when selecting the size of your future wine refrigerator is the space that you have available. And only then you can consider how many bottle capacity you want your cooler to have. If those features are opposite to each other, find some balance and decide what is more important to you. We would recommend give preferences to the size of the space available if you don’t want to move the fridge somewhere else in your apartment.

Best wine coolers with compact measurements hold 12 bottles on average. In general, a capacity of 24 – 36 bottles is pretty enough.In 2017 you have so many options to compare different models and to calculate how much wine you drink in a year, that it won’t be a problem to find out the right size of that unit for you.

There are thousands of wine cooler reviews that show off a difference between in-built devices and separate ones. If there is a nice spot – getting the one that can be built into it is a nice idea. As it saves a lot of space in your house. The designers are very creative and helpful creating all of those very stylish but convenient refrigerators models to choose from. Now you can have units, which are the same size as trash compactors. And that is great for modern times when people try to follow minimalism trends in decor and interior. That almost tiny coolerperfectly suits contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian, traditional, urban, rustic, shabby chic, mid-century modern, retro, nautical, farmhouse, bohemian, and high tech styles. Reading multiple wine cooler reviews, you can come to a conclusion that those not are tawdry items which strike the eye the minute you enter the house. And that is due to a perfect combination of compact size and chic style.

One more thing to remember is that the best wine refrigerator doesn’t mean it should be big, spacy, and inelegant. Its performance features don’t depend on its style and size. Always keep it in mind when looking for the best refrigerator for your house particularly.


Customers might believe that even the best wine coolers have inline one function – storing the bottles at one temperature. There is a big surprise for them. Less expensive models indeed can offer just one function. However, there are costlier models with separate zones for red and white wine. What’s the difference?

Very oftenrefrigerator reviewsdon’t provide a full understanding of what the difference between red and white wine storage is. Actually, this piece of information is extremely important. Especially, for those customers who only start to be into different sorts of the drink. So, how big is the difference ?

Red and white sorts differ in tannins (organic compounds). Red sorts contain much higher percentage of tannins content than the white ones. This affects how they age. To avoid damaging the flavors in white wine, you need to keep a temperature of 43-45 degrees Fahrenheit. Contrary to this, red sorts need the average temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. So, that’s why coolersconsist of two separate zones – for white and for red drinks. It is not recommended mixing white and red bottles on common shelves sharing the same temperature.

Also, elite companies offer their best wine coolers powered by digital controllers for temperature settings and children’s lock. This is a great choice for those families who have little children but want to have the fridge, which is small and compact, and installed in the kitchen.

Experts and professional wine cooler reviews also recommend checking for adjustable and move-out shelves (just in case we store bottles of different sizes).

The best wine refrigerator has excess protection from ultra-violet rays. It is a kind of glass used for elite shades. Its function is the same when it comes to best wine fridges. Consider such models if you’re going to place a cooler in the room, which is extremely light and have big windows. You definitely need models with more expensive glass, which can fully protect the drinks from ultra-violet rays.

Very rarely wine refrigerator reviews explain the harm and the damage, which ultra-violet rays can cause to the bottles of wine.That’s why customers make ducks and drakes of it. But we’re going to explain the seriousness of the situation.

You need to get the refrigerator possible not only to age your drinks correctly but also to protect it from the sun rays. With light, you have to try to keep the light exposure to a minimum. Light is one of the strongest factors that causes the chemical reaction of the process of aging to expedite. Have you ever thought why the bottles are tinted? That is basically for preventing and minimizing light exposure to the drink. It is similar to sunglasses. We wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from ultra-violet rays.The same way the tinted bottles are some kind of sunglasses for the wine. That glass keeps out some ultra-violet rays from interference into the wine aging process.Thus, an additional layer of protection in a form of qualitative glass in the coolers is only an advantage.That’s how it works.

And what about other drinks? Can you place a bottle of champagne or a bottle of beer in any of those coolers? Cooler reviews don’t have a clear answer to this question. Beer is probably better to be placed in a normal fridge. But champagne is different.

If you plan to store champagne – check if a gadget you are planning to buy cools sparkling vines. There usually is separate box for those types of bottles. Why can’t you store champagne bottles in any wine refrigerator?

The first and the most obvious reason is the size of the bottles. Champagne bottles are bigger and of a different shape contrary to the wine bottles. And the drink itself is much more fragile than the reds and the whites. Secondly, they need different temperatures. As the wrong temperature can affect the bubbles, which are going to rise and pop the cork. So, keep it in mind. Never consider even the best wine fridge as a universal place to store all alcoholic drinks at the same time.

To sum up all mentioned above and other refrigerator reviewsabout additional options, we can clearly highlight the most important aspects to look for in a cooler.Those are different shelves for whites and reds, digital controllers, adjustable shelves, children’s lock, and, of course, a qualitative glass. As we already know – the sun is one of the biggest wine enemies ever, so this type of protection will be just the right thing. For more information, read about reds, whites, and champagnes storage in other refrigerator reviews. As we’re going to highlight only those significant features and options, which are obligatory to take into account when buying the best wine refrigerator.

Let’s move on.

Climate zone

When choosing the best wine refrigerator to your taste, please mark that its effectiveness depends on the adherence to specification of exploitation.Most cooler reviewsinform potential customers about this.

Some devices will never fit warm rooms with stuffed air. The others can hardly survive in cold environments. Always pay attention where it is preferably to store a particular wine cooler. Each unit has a recommendation concerning the place, the temperature of the room, the height of the surface, etc. Cooler reviewsalways provide this type of information. Some of the units are not allowed to be placed in basements at all. While others are highly recommended being placed only there.This depends on how powerful a wine refrigerator is. Don’t buy it before making a final decision whether to place it – in the kitchen, in the living room, in the office, or in the basement. If the location doesn’t suit the cooler, you’ll probably need to return the unit to the store.

Consider your conditions and those stated in wine fridge manual for the best cooperation. As it is not a regular fridge, which can be moved as many times as you want till you’ll be satisfied with the final location.Therefrigerator is the one, which serves you for a long period of time. And this factor mainly depends on the conditions you store your wine cooler under.


Mind that, as any other device, even the refrigerator also has to undergo maintenance service from time to time.For some coolers wet washing is enough, for the others cleaning should be done only by professionals with special equipment.

If you decide to take care of your refrigerator by yourself, we have a couple recommendations to share. Even the best fridge has to be cleaned to keep running smoothly. What you should do is to unload it firstly.Then, switch it off and take it out.Clean with the damp cloth the lowest part of your wine cooler where the ventilation is.The second important part is the condenser. Cooler reviews advise applying to the professionals to clean this part. So, do we. As the back panel is screwed on. So, unless you’re not sure you know how to do it right, don’t touch that back part of your wine refrigerator.

It is also very important to understand that correct loading of your wine cooler is equally important as the unloading. Not all wine refrigerator reviews mention it considering customers are familiar with this kind of information. Reality is the opposite. So, how to load your wine refrigerator properly to its maximum capacity?

Usually, the shelves have the maximum capacity of up to 6 or 7 bottles. Place bottles in two rows, so the bottles on each row should face each other. If your wine cooler has one big shelf in the middle, you can store there up to 15 bottles, placing them on top of each other.That is the prerogative of the best wine coolers, which are drastically bigger.

You can also use a display rack on those larger shelves.Of course, if you have one.

Wine Cooler Warrantee

And last but not least,in all wine refrigerator reviews is warranty. Read the agreement thoroughly, especially if you buy an expensive fridge.If you buy the best wine fridge, then the warranty should be the best too.Some retailers immediately offer an extended warranty.This is clear from many other wine cooler reviews. What should you know about it?

Analyze wine refrigerator reviews and think about whether those retailers always offer good value for money or not.Plan ahead what kind of warranty you want to get. If you buy the best wine refrigerator, high chances are that you want the best warranty proposition too.

One more time –search for wine cooler reviews and the warranty programs included. Sometimes the fullest information you can get from the customers.

If anything goes wrong – company should take all responsibility on themselves. Although, they sometimes might state special conditions under which customers are left one on one with their troubles.

Needless to say, the longer is manufacturer’s warranty the better. Big enterprises that are keen on quality are never afraid to promise long life term for their products. Probably, they have the best wine fridge as well. As a bad cooler with a good warranty is better than the best wine refrigerator with a bad warranty.

This is the main identification that shows if it is wise to trust this or that company.

Before making such an important purchase study as much information as possible and revise your personal needs and demands. Read as muchreviews as possible. Visit trustworthy forums and websites to communicate with other people who have already bought a wine cooler. As for advice, maybe they can recommend you a reliable manufacturer to apply to for the best fridge.You need to get as much real information as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends on Facebook. A live survey can highlight the best and the worst features even in those best wine coolers, you’ve already read about on the Internet.Wine refrigerator reviews from your relatives, friends, and co-workers are usually the best one.

Wine is a delicate drink. It deserves all the best conditions one can provide. Hopefully, our coolerbuying guide and refrigerator reviews, provided above will help you to pick the best unit possible and to get the most out of it.

Remember,if you love a good wine and appreciate the flavor it has, get one of the best wine coolers possible.Proper storage is the key to keeping your drink delicious.Don’t be lazy to read those wine refrigerator reviews, which might be useful for you in future.Take time and become a professional. As the best wine refrigerator is the one that is going to serve you for years. Don’t buy the first one you see to return it the next day because of the wrong location, size, or functions, which are not included.

The best fridge will maintain your collection at its optimum temperature. To help you a little bit more with our brief wine cooler reviews, we recommend the rules of “3 S”. What does it mean?

Size. Shape. Style. These are the first and the most important criteria you should pay attention to in all cooler reviews.Think of how much wine you need to store. Take into account those bottles you’re planning to add to your collection too. Then, consider whether you want the coolers among free-stand or built-in models.Free-stand models are for the bigger collections.They can store much more. Think of a wine refrigerator with adjustable shelves to view the labels easier, even without opening the door.And don’t forget to take into account which type of wine you’re going to store in your future wine refrigerator – red or white.Place reds on the top and whites at the bottom if you have one of the best wine coolers among single temperature units.

Generally, pick the fridge, which complements the rest of the room and is pleasing to the eye.

Hopefully, our wine cooler reviews are helpful enough for you finally to make the decision.Pick your best fridge and store your vintage drinks correctly.Don’t use a normal fridge for that purpose. The fridge that you have in the kitchen gets much colder than it is needed for whites and reds.And the vibrations generated by it can negatively impact those delicate drinks.What else is good is that those special units for wine can “breathe”, allowing humidity to flow from the outer atmosphere into the cooler, creating the right climate.Using a cabinet with a constant temperature guarantees your wine preservation and the aging to the peak of taste.

Write down and remember all of those critical things to buy refrigerator whether it is online or offline shopping:

·  Temperature control (the ideal temperature to store the wine is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but always under 70 degrees and over 40 degrees Fahrenheit);

·  Humidity (the aim is to keep the cork moist; wine should be placed on one side or at an angle);

·  Lightning (limit the light exposure to a minimum level);

·  Ventilation;

·  Bottle orientation;

·  Stability (avoid refrigerators with vibrations as they can ruin the texture of wine; don’t allow your wine to be moved around too much);

·  Single zone/ dual zone storage capacity (dual zone cabinet has a system of two parts with different temperatures; single zone system has one temperature inside the whole cooler; dual zone systems are for holding some wine sorts in one place but under different temperatures);

·  Price (it doesn’t reflect whether a cooler is good or bad);

·  Free-stand or built-in design (free-stand models can be moved around the house; built-in models are a part of the furniture and can’t be removed whenever you want it; as they are hidden into the kitchen island or something like that).

One more great feature of the coolers, is that they keep your wine fresh and perfectly cold for chilly cocktails during a hot summer season. Don’t you like those famous wine-based cocktails with a straw like Sangria, Berry Kicker, Black Velvet, Tinto de verano, Kir, Kalimotxo, Zurracapote, UK Sour, and Red Wine Cooler?

Avoid poorly stored wines! Find your refrigerator! And don’t allow your vintage collection of drinks gone bad.