Why Self Education Matters

You probably heard some people saying that education can give one bread but self-education can turn one into a millionaire. Sounds business coaching or motivational preaching that’s getting kind of old now…But, for real, is self-learning that important for us today?

Why and How to Self Educate

It is an established fact that successful people are smart. Yet, it is not only about mental strengths but more about their ability to continually learn and self develop. They understand that if they want to stay the way they are if they want to keep their positions in business, they got to keep moving forward in their self education. 

Suppose, you’ve also decided to start self learning. But what should you learn? You aren’t at school anymore, should you revising math or what? Self-education is virtually about any area of life and learning; you can learn new stuff by communicating with different people, reading, traveling, acquiring new skills…

You’re right, it does take time. But what if you have the 9:5 job and barely have time for anything else? At this point, it is up to you whether you want to change or to keep it that way. For instance, you can find a job with a flexible schedule or an hour or two of time before or after work that you can fully devote to yourself. However, there is another way to stay organized and make yourself follow the track, despite the lack of time.

Self Education Plan

To educate yourself and do it in the most effective way possible, you’ve got to be systematic. We recommend you make out a plan and stick to it. It can include an item like:

  • Finish the course on Coursera by the end of March;
  • Sign up for a Spanish class;
  • Learn speed reading;
  • Take on a health project starting Monday.

When creating an education plan, include as many tiny little plans as possible but only those that you really plan on completing. Take your time to put ✔ beside each completed task at the end of the day or week. This way, you will see your progress and be motivated to do more. 

Another thing is to always set deadlines. We bet you hate that word but deadlines help one stay organized and set priorities on tasks that are waiting in line. Knowing that you swore on paper to do something today, you will have less seduction to leave it for tomorrow.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, it all goes down to one fact – if you really want it you will find the way. And self education does require cutting time spendings here and there for its sake. One hour is not too much time but this very one hour a day spent on self learning can turn you into a confident speaker of foreign languages, a programming expert or a popular traveling blogger. Constantly learning new things will improve your confidence, while making your life more fulfilled and interesting.  

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